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Bio Oasis main operation have been in production, processing and exporting of Egyptian agriculture products .The company is a member of IFOAM under number F110 , Our company is certified as an organic processor and producer through ( CCPB) , Naturland certified , Fairtrade certified ,ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 .The company maintains complete and accurate book systems that insure logging of all implemented agriculture practices, farms/firms input and out put as well as traceability , products flow and a very restricted hygiene system. All of these practices are achieved through our well trained Quality Assurance Staffs who located in all company farms and processing site.

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Dr. Ahmed Seif Elnasr

Bio Oasis collective farms system

Bio Oasis adopted its own system with the small farmers in each area ( collective farm system) where the company can deal with groups of farmers in the collective farm through coordinator person.
According to our aim of work to encourage and implement organic movement in Egypt, social projects have been adopted for the farmer’s families.

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Certifications to Bio Oasis for Trading and Exporting :

Obtaining some international certificates in the field of organic agricultural crops.

ISO 9001
ISO 22000

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